We AreĀ Applied Physical Electronics, L.C.

Since 1998, we have focused on the research and development of compact deployable Marx generators. Our novel designs have produced output pulses with ultrafast rise times, moderate pulse widths, and amplitudes ranging from kilovolts to megavolts. APELC develops Marx generator-based systems to support RF test and evaluation efforts, as well as electronic-defeat applications, such as non-lethal vehicle and boat stopping systems.

In addition, APELC offers complete EMP simulators and current-injection test systems that abide by the latest MIL-STD requirements. APELC also offers trigger-pulse generators, solid-state Marx generators, coaxial high-voltage connectors, and other accessories for high-power electronics.

What makes APELC different is its closed-loop development process. We work closely with our customers to address their evolving needs and timelines. Our development process then leverages our advanced CNC machine shop, high-speed-diagnostic test range, and multi-disciplined engineering team to quickly flow a prototype through design, fabrication, testing, and re-design. Since none of these steps are outsourced, APELC can rapidly mature technologies and quickly adapt to our customer needs.