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Compact 200-HZ Pulse Repetition GW Marx Generator System

C. Nunnally, J.R. Mayes, T.A. Holt, C.W. Hatfield, M.B. Lara, T.R. Smith
Applied Physical Electronics L.C.
P.O. Box 341149 Austin TX 78734


The compact, wave-erection, GW-class Marx generator has been previously reported for use in 5 ns to sub-ns risetime pulsed power applications. This generator topology has recently been adapted for high Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) applications and it is the basis for a new high-PRF pulsed power system. The 33-j generator is capable of delivering a 300-kV pulse into a matched 50-Ohm load, or 600 kV into an open circuit. The high-PRF system includes an 8 kJ/sec TDK-Lambda high-voltage power supply and an APELC trigger and control unit. The APELC trigger unit contains a 150-mj thyratron-based pulser and facilitates the synchronous pulse charging of the Marx generator. Additionally, the trigger unit provides analog output signals and features LEd diagnostics and fault indicators on the front panel. Applications of the high-PRF system include sourcing High Power Antennas. design considerations, system architecture, and experimental results of the high-PRF puled power system are presented in this paper.

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