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Compact Flash X-ray Systems

For Radiographic Applications

Jon R. Mayes*
Applied Physical Electronics, L.C.
P.O. Box 341149, Austin TX 78734


Compact Marx generators based on the wave-erection principle are ideal drivers for flash x-ray systems. Traditional Marx generator design techniques lead to slow rising voltage pulses, marked by high impedances, large temporal jitter values and inefficient transfer of energy. As a result, larger pulse generators are fabricated to overcome these shortcomings, which results in excessive volumes and weights. Applied Physical Electronics, L.C. has been developing Marx generators for many years based on the wave-erection principle. As a result, generators with relatively low source impedances, high impulse voltages and compact geometries are making their way into use as portable flash xray drivers. More recently, APELC is extending their compact designs into complete flash x-ray systems, including the diode load. This paper discusses two generator systems that have been developed, basic diode geometries that will be incorporated, and a new novel system designed to generate up to an x-ray energy of 3.2 MeV.

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