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Experimental Multiple Frequency Injection-Wave Generator

J.R. Mayes, W.J. Carey, and W.C Nunnally
Applied Physical Electronics Research Center
University of Texas at Arlington
Arlington, Texas 76019


The design of an optically activated multiple frequency injection-wave generator is presented. This generator naturally lends itself as a suitable microwave source for large phased arrays. The system consist of an output transmission line and static energy storage segments spatially placed with half wavelength separation. Each segment is isolated from the output line by a bulk GaAs switch. The injection-wave generator is initiated into the output transmission line, as defined by the spatial arrangement. The system is driven by a single 35 ps laser source whose output is divided by a fiber bundle for delivery to the individuals switches. The versatility of the generator is demonstrated by the production of multiple frequencies. Experimental results compared with simulation models.

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