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J. R. Mayes, W. J. Carey, W. C. Nunnally [1], L. Altgilbers [2]
Applied Physical Electronics, L.C.
Austin, Texas 78734


Traditional multi-pulse systems require multiple uncoupled sources, each driving a unique load. A phased array system, for example, may use multiple sources, each with its own antenna element, to radiate multiple pulses or a steered single pulse to a target. However, the Injection Wave Generator (IWG) has brought the concept of coupling multiple sources with a single load transmission line. Thus, multiple sources may be used to drive a single load element.

In the case of a radar source, the overall volume of the system may be drastically reduced with only one antenna. This paper discusses a Marx generator-based IWG system designed to deliver multiple high voltage pulses to a single load. The pulse magnitudes are on the order of several hundred kV, and with a pulse separation of 10’s of nanoseconds. The system is described with an emphasis on the results of the experimental system. Radiation results, with the Gatling system driving a single TEM horn antenna are presented and discussed.

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