Products - Marx Generator - MG15-3C-2700PF

Marx Generator System
100 J 600 kV
• Maximum open circuit voltage: 600 kV
• Peak voltage into matched load: 300 kV
• Maximum repetition rate: 100 Hz
• Energy per pulse: 100 J
• Pulse risetime: 3-5 ns

APELC MG15-3C-2700PF
General Specifications
L Length 1.25 m
D Diameter 50 cm
Wt Total Weight 170 kg
N Number of Stages 30 -
Ve Erected Voltage 600 kV
Vch Maximum Charge Voltage 20 kV
Pmax Maximum Peak Power (matched load) 6 GW
Cstage Capacitance Per Stage 300 nF
Ce Erected Capacitance 11 nF
Ls Series Inductance 1000 nH
Zsource Source Impedance 10-15 Ohms

The APELC MG15-3C-2700PF is compact 15-stage generator that was designed to drive low impedance resonant transmission lines for high power RF. This generator is characterized by a 3 - 5 ns risetime and multi-GW peak power levels, due to its low impedance design. The generator is capable of delivering 300 kV into a 23 Ohm matched load., or as much as 600 kV into an open circuit. The generator is designed to deliver 100 J per pulse and has been demonstrated to operate with a 100 Hz repetition rate, with an integrated 10 kJ/s power supply.

Charging elements type Inductive
Output capabilities Vacuum interface and resistive dummy load
Voltage output monitor D-dot capacitive voltage probe (SMA)
Current output monitor Rogowski coil current probe (BNC), CVR (BNC)

The junction between the diagnostic module and load module contains: (A) the Twelve-inch Conflat interface and (B) the coaxial finger-stock load resistor connection.


Load voltage waveform of the MG15-3C-940PF Generator into a matched load and Marx charge voltage of 40 kV.


APELC MG15-3C-2700PF Marx Generator with Rapid Capacitor Charging System.

APELC High Voltage Trigger Unit
Inline, coaxial Current Viewing Resistor
APELC integrated pressurized load module
APELC Rapid Capacitor Charger (RCC)
0 - 40 kV dc charge voltage
200 psi dry air source
Suitable high voltage trigger source