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Novel Marx Generator Topology Design for Low Source Impedance

J. R. Mayes, M.G. Mayes, and M.B. Lara
Applied Physical Electronics, L.C.
Austin, Texas 78734


The typical Marx generator designs employ a single stage switch, which usually results in a high source inductance,and ultimately high source impedance, relegating the Marx generator to the role of a high voltage pulsecharging source. A low impedance Marx generator may be used to directly source low impedance loads, such as High Power Microwave loads. Applied Physical Electronics, L.C. (APELC) has developed a new Marx topology based on distributed stage capacitance and parallel stage switches that has been demonstrated to reduce the generator’s series inductance. The erected Marx voltage is 1 MV, with a source impedance of 18 Ω. This paper discusses the Marx topology, with demonstrations made to illustrate the topology’s effectiveness for the APELC MG20-24C-2000PF

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