APELC’s High-Current Arc Discharge System was developed for the study of failure mechanisms in high-voltage DC power distribution systems.  Detection and mitigation of such failures, in conjunction with prevention, are of importance for modern aeronautics, electric vehicles, solar power systems, and data center power infrastructure. 

The HCAD system is an instantly reconfigurable arc discharge source capable of driving 60-Amps continuously or >1 kA in pulsed-discharge mode. The system can be configured for unipolar or bipolar power up to 600 VDC in both pulsed and continuous modes. The system employs 28 F of capacitance for pulsed discharge and uses high-current IGBTs to energize and de-energize the load. HCADS features internal current limiting resistors, a hand-held fiber optic remote, calibration fixture, and voltage and current diagnostics.