APELC offers multiple sizes and styles of coaxial high voltage quick disconnect cable connectors for voltages up to 200kV DC. Exceptionally rugged and precision machined, the high-voltage quick disconnects are designed to make dealing with bulky, heavy duty, high-voltage cables quick and easy.  High voltage quick disconnects are a standard with APELC Marx generators and other high-voltage equipment.


  • Aircraft grade anodized aluminum or brass construction
  • Variety of anodized colors available
  • Independent electrical contact, pressure seal, and mechanical connection
  • Designed for EMI reduction, utilizing high-voltage garter spring style contacts
  • Integrated cable strain relief

Available for Cables:

  • RG213/214
  • Okonite 2042
  • Dielectric Sciences 2158

APELC also offers optional integrated high-speed diagnostics as part of the high-voltage quick disconnects. Diagnostic options include CVR, SMA B-Dot current monitor, and SMA D-Dot voltage monitor.