The APELC MG10-1C-2700PF is an ultra-compact 10-stage generator designed primarily as a highvoltage trigger unit, but has been demonstrated for high-power RF and Ultra Wide Band radiation. This generator is characterized by a sub-ns risetime and GW peak power levels due to its low inductance design. The generator is capable of delivering 150 kV into a matched load, or as much as 300 kV into an open circuit. The generator is designed to deliver 12 J per pulse and has an impedance of approximately 20 Ohm, giving a maximum peak power of approximately 1 GW.


Measured output pulse waveform into a 50-Ohm cable load at full Marx charge voltage.


  • 300 kV open-circuit output voltage 
  • 300 ps risetime 
  • Requires only pressurized air, high-voltage power supply, and suitable trigger source 
  • 1 GW peak power to matched load 
Symbol Parameter Value Units
L Length 1 m
D Diameter 7.6 cm
Wt Weight kg
N Number of Stages 10
Ve Erected Voltage 300 kV
Vch Maximum Charge Voltage 30 kV
Pmax Maximum Peak Power (matched load) 1 GW
Cstage Capacitance Per Marx Stage 2700 nF
Ce Erected Capacitance 270 pF
Zsource Source Impedance 20 Ohms
RRmax Repetition Rate 200 Hz
FWHM Full Width, Half Maximum 15 ns
  • APELC High Voltage Trigger Unit 
  • Inline, coaxial Current Viewing Resistor 
  • APELC integrated pressurized load module 
  • Suitable high voltage trigger source 
  • 0 – 50 kV dc charge voltage 
  • 200 psi dry air source