The APELC MG17-1C-940PF is a compact 17-stage generator designed primarily as an Ultra Wide Band radiation source due to its extremely fast rise time (300 ps). The generator is capable of delivering 255 kV into a matched load, or as much as 510 kV into an open circuit. The generator is designed to deliver 7 J per pulse and has an impedance of approximately 125 Ohm, giving a maximum peak power of approximately 520 MW.


Sample waveform with generator driving RG-220 coaxial cable.marx7_graphmarx7_graph

  • 510 kV open-circuit output voltage 
  • 300 ps risetime 
  • Requires only pressurized air, high voltage power supply, and suitable trigger source 
  • 520 MW peak power to matched load
Symbol Parameter Value Units
L Length 1 m
D Diameter 7.6 cm
Wt Total Weight 9.5 kg
N Number of Stages 17
Ve Erected Voltage 510 kV
Vch Maximum Charge Voltage 30 kV
Pmax Maximum Peak Power (matched load) 520 MW
Cstage Capacitance Per Stage 940 pF
Ce Erected Capacitance 55 pF
Zsource Source Impedance 125 Ohms
RRmax Repetition Rate 100 Hz
FWHM Full Width, Half Maximum 12 ns
  • RG-220, 50 ohm coaxial cable 
  • Inline, coaxial Current Viewing Resistor 
  • Inline, Capacitive Voltage probe 
  • Integrated APELC Low Power Support Module 
  • External HV Trigger Unit
  • 500 psi dry air source 
  • High Voltage Power Supply 
  • High Voltage Trigger Source