The APELC MG20-1C-100NF was designed to be incorporated into the world’s first fully-integrated, compact, and portable High Power Microwave source developed with Texas Tech University. This generator was initially used to directly source a virtual cathode vacuum diode, which produced 2 – 4 GHz microwave energy with 100’s of MW. The Marx generator, with a 20-kV charge voltage and 20 stages, produced a 200 kV pulse onto a matched 20 Ohm impedance, resulting in a peak power of approximately 2 GW. Applications include HPM and high-voltage insulation studies.



Load voltage waveform (left) and current waveform (right) of the MG20-1C-100NF Generator into a 12-ohm load . 

  • Maximum open circuit voltage: 400 kV 
  • Peak voltage into matched load: 200 kV 
  • Maximum repetition rate: 10 Hz 
  • Energy per pulse: 400 J 
Symbol Parameter Value Units
N Number of Marx Generator Stages 20
Epulse Maximum Marx Energy Per Pulse 400 J
Maximum Vessel Pressure 200 PSI
Vch Marx Peak Charge Voltage 20 kV
Ve Peak Erected Voltage 400 kV
Cstage Capacitance Per Marx Stage 100 nF
Ce Erected Capacitance 5 nF
Zm Marx Impedance 20 Ohms
L Marx Generator Length 39 in
D Marx Generator Diameter 9.5 in
W Marx Generator Weight 80 kg
RRmax Maximum Repetition Rate 10 Hz
  • APELC High Voltage Trigger Unit 
  • Inline, coaxial Current Viewing Resistor 
  • APELC integrated pressurized load module 
  • 0 – 20 kV dc charge voltage 
  • 200 psi dry air source 
  • Suitable high voltage trigger source