The MG30-3C-100nF stores a maximum of 1.8 kJ and can deliver 300 kV to a matched load.  The MG30-3C-100nF mica film-based design results in a much higher energy density compared to typical coaxial Marx generators. This Marx generator was designed to be low-impedance and axially-compact in order to drive HPM antennas on remote platforms.

The novel compact geometry of the APELC Marx Generator allows off the shelf components to be used in production which substantially lowers the production costs. Additionally, the MG30 design requires only pressurized dry air for operation and an AC outlet for extended duration operations. The minimal user facility requirements minimize the operating cost of the system (e.g. lack of an oil circulation system) and allow for operation on a variety of platforms.

The APELC Marx system has a diameter of 50.8 cm (20 inches). Three 100 nF capacitors (20 kV charge voltage) are used in parallel to achieve the desired per stage energy density. By paralleling capacitive stages (2 per linear stage), the overall length is compressed by a factor of two, compared to Marx systems of comparable energy.


Load voltage pulses for various load resistances for a Marx charge voltage of 10 kV (left) and ring-down current pulse into a short circuit (right).

  • 600 kV open-circuit output voltage 
  • 110 ns risetime 
  • Requires only pressurized air and single phase line power 
  • 5 GW peak power to matched load 
Symbol Parameter Value Units
L Length 1.25 m
D Diameter 50 cm
Wt Total Weight 170 kg
N Number of Stages 30
Ve Erected Voltage 600 kV
Vch Maximum Charge Voltage 20 kV
Pmax Maximum Peak Power (matched load) 6 GW
Cstage Capacitance Per Stage 300 nF
Ce Erected Capacitance 11 nF
Ls Series Inductance 1000 nH
Zsource Source Impedance 25 Ohms
  • APELC High Voltage Trigger Unit 
  • Inline, coaxial Current Viewing Resistor 
  • APELC Integrated Rapid Capacitor Charging Power Supply 
  • APELC integrated pressurized load module
  • 0 – 20 kV dc charge voltage 
  • 200 psi dry air source 
  • Suitable high voltage trigger source