The APELC MG40-3C-2700PF is a mega-volt class Marx generator that was originally designed to drive an integrated flash x-ray diode. With a maximum 40 kV charge voltage, this generator has an open circuit voltage of 1.6 MV. With a source impedance of approximately 70 Ohm, an 850 kV pulse has been measured with a 50 Ohm coaxial cable load. This generator has a maximum pulse energy of 260 J and is capable of delivering more than 10 GW of peak power.



Measured output pulse waveform into a 50-Ohm cable load at full Marx charge voltage.

  • 1.6 MV open-circuit output voltage 
  • 3-4 ns risetime 
  • Requires pressurized air, a high-voltage power supply, and a high voltage trigger source 
  • 10 GW peak power 
Symbol Parameter Value Units
L Length 1.83 m
D Diameter 21.6 cm
Wt Weight 115 kg
N Number of Stages 40
Ve Erected Voltage 1.6 MV
Vch Maximum Charge Voltage 40 kV
Pmax Maximum Peak Power (matched load) 10 GW
Cstage Capacitance Per Marx Stage 8.1 nF
Ce Erected Capacitance 200 pF
Zsource Source Impedance 70 Ohms
  • Dielectric Sciences Coaxial Cable 
  • Inline, Coaxial Current Viewing Resistor 
  • Inline, Capacitive Voltage probe 
  • Integrated APELC Low Power Support Module 
  • External HV Trigger Unit 
  • 200 psi Dry Air Source 
  • High Voltage Power Supply 
  • High Voltage Trigger Source