APELC’s rackmount 4 kJ/s HVPS is a constant current high-voltage source used for charging capacitors or Marx generators. Each unit is controlled by fiber-optics to provide isolation and minimize system EMI issues. Each unit uses multiple Lambda-TDK ® OEM-style HVPS modules connected in parallel to achieve the desired power output. This HVPS assembly is typically used to charge a pulsed-discharge circuit in conjunction with an APELC high-PRF trigger generator.

Voltage output 0-40 kV
Current output 100 mA
Output Power rating 500 J/s – 4 kJ/s
Input Voltage 180-250Hz
47-63 Hz
Line Current 7A – 27A*
Timing control Fiber Optic ST/FC 820nm

*depending on desired power rating