Rackmount trigger generator, high PRF

The APELC high-PRF trigger generator unit utilizes a pulse forming circuit to provide the trigger pulse to a Marx generator.  The trigger generator can provide a 18-kV trigger pulse at up to 1 kHz pulse repetition frequency (PRF). The trigger unit provides LED indicators on the front panel for notification of trigger-circuit HVPS conditions .  The diagnostics, Thyratron HVPS Analog Out, Marx Analog Out (V), Marx Current out, and Marx V peak are available on the front panel of the trigger unit.  These signals can be monitored on any 1- MΩ oscilloscope channel or handheld DVM by connecting to the BNC jacks on the front panel shown below.

 Front panel of APELC HRR trigger generator system.


 Rear panel of APELC HRR trigger generator system.

Pulse characteristics of the pulse circuit inside the APELC trigger generator include 30-ns risetime, and 18-kV peak voltage. The front panel shown above includes: (A) fiber optic ST connections and input selector knob, (B) thyratron HVPS status indicators, (C) thyratron heater switch, (D) HVPS power switch, (E) thyratron voltage and Marx charge current and voltage diagnostics. Timing input may be provided by a delay generator (820 nm) or by an optional APELC fiber-optic handheld remote control.



Peak pulsed output voltage 18 kV
Output voltage risetime 30 ns
Maximum PRF 1000 Hz
Control interface Handheld fiber-optic remote or
Delay Generator
Input wavelength (FO) 820 nm
Input power 90-250 VAC
47-63 Hz
Line current 90-140 Hz: 12A
180-250 Hz: 6A


This item is subject to ITAR regulations. This device can generate electromagnetic interference when not terminated properly. It should not be operated by personnel using electronic medical implanted devices.