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Antenna Test Stand ATS-S-10 Summary:

APELC’s ATS-S-10 antenna test stand designed for a wide variety of EMC testing. Constructed of heavy duty structural fiberglass, our antenna test stand is ideal for EMC testing with EM transparency requirements. With a vertical height adjustment up to 10 ft, 360 deg polarity adjustment every 45 deg, and azimuth angle range adjustment of ± 15 deg, the test stand is well-suited for nearly any configuration. Large 6” pneumatic casters allow for easy maneuvering over uneven surfaces.

Available in the following three grades of structural fiberglass:

1. Standard grade for indoor, polyester resin. Color: Olive Green
2. UV grade for indoor/outdoor, polyester resin with UV inhibitor. Color: Navy Gray
3. UV and fire-retardant grade for outdoor/outdoor, vinyl ester resin with UV inhibitor and superior moisture and corrosion resistance. Color: Beige

Dipole Antennas Summary:

APELC offers the following five standard dipole antennas:

(a) 60 MHz: DP60-EG-NST
(b) 100 MHz: DP100-S-WST
(c) 250 MHz: DP250-S-WST
(d) 400 MHz: DP400-S-WST
(e) 500 MHz: DP500-S-WST

Antennas with center frequency of 250 MHz and above are compatible with ATS-S-10 antenna test stand and are quickly and easily interchangeable. Dipole antennas with center frequency below 250 MHz require a larger stand. Other frequencies are available upon request. Combine antennas and a stand with the appropriate rack system including Marx Generator, Power supply, Trigger unit, and Air Management unit for a complete turn-key, rugged, portable effects-testing source, ideal for MIL-STD 464(A/C) testing.



Dipole Antennas-smaller


Antenna dimensions by part number: (a) 60 MHz: DP60-EG-NST, (b) 100 MHz: DP100-S-WST, (c) 250 MHz: DP250-S-WST, (d) 400 MHz: DP400-S-WST, (e) 500 MHz: DP500-S-WST