• Coaxial Resistive Load Module

    These high-power resistive loads are housed in a grounded coaxial housing for safety to personnel and nearby susceptible electronic equipment. These loads are portable and feature built-in current diagnostics to monitor the performance of your high-voltage pulse generator indoors in a safe manner.


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  • Rackmount FO Controlled HVPS
    Fiber-Controlled HVPS

    APELC’s rackmount 4 kJ/s HVPS is a constant current high-voltage source used for charging capacitors or Marx generators. Each unit is controlled by fiber-optics to provide isolation and minimize system EMI issues. Each unit uses multiple Lambda-TDK ® OEM-style HVPS modules connected in parallel to achieve the desired power output. This HVPS assembly is typically used to charge a pulsed-discharge circuit in conjunction with an APELC high-PRF trigger generator.

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  • Rackmount Trigger Generator High PRF

    The APELC high-PRF trigger generator unit utilizes a pulse forming circuit to provide the trigger pulse to a Marx generator. The trigger generator can provide a 18-kV trigger pulse at up to 1 kHz pulse repetition frequency (PRF). The trigger unit provides LED indicators on the front panel for notification of trigger-circuit HVPS conditions.

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  • HV Connectors
    High Voltage Connectors

    APELC makes quick-disconnect high-voltage coaxial connectors for your application.

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  • Mobile Test Lab

    APELC supports high-power source effects-testing and source-mapping using its mobile test lab. The mobile test lab includes generator-based power, high-speed diagnostics, high-voltage power, and trigger hardware.

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  • High-Speed Diagnostics

    APELC builds high-speed voltage or current diagnostic into your application. We specialize in low-inductance coaxial CVRs and modular D-dot probes.

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