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Pulse Width
Marx Pulse Energy
Marx Peak Power
Rep Rate
MG17-1C-500PF Direct RF triggering 510 200 ps 2-3 160 4 400 MW 100
MG17-1C-940PF Direct RF triggering 510 300 ps 12 125 7 520 MW 100
MG10-1C-2700PF Direct RF 300 500 ps 15 20 12 1 200
MG15-3C-940PF Direct RF 600 1-5 25 50 33 2.7 200
MG15-3C-2700PF Pulse coded RF 600 3-5 30 23 100 4 100
MG40-3C-2700PF RF,
flash x-ray
1,600 3-4 40 70 260 10 30
MG20-22C-2000PF HPM 1,000 ~20 80 18 1,100 12 20
MG20-1C-100NF HPM 300 20 200 23 500 2 20
MG30-3C-100NF HPM 600 90 175 33 1,800 5 10
MG30-1C-100NF HPM 600 100 325 40 600 1.6 7

  • MG17-1C-500PF

    The APELC MG17-1C-500PF is a compact 17-stage generator designed primarily as an Ultra Wide Band radiation source due to its extremely fast rise time (200 ps). 

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  • MG17-1C-940PF

    The APELC MG17-1C-940PF is a compact 17-stage generator designed primarily as an Ultra Wide Band radiation source due to its extremely fast rise time (300 ps). 

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  • MG10-1C-2700PF

    The APELC MG10-1C-2700PF is gigawatt class 10-stage generator designed primarily as a high-voltage trigger unit. This generator delivers a 150-kV pulse with a sub-ns risetime to a matched load due to its low inductance design. 

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  • MG15-3C-940PF

    The APELC MG15-3C-940PF (MG15) is a compact 15-stage Marx generator designed for high-power RF applications. The generator delivers 300 kV into a matched load and is capable of achieving sub-ns rise times through the use of a peaking circuit.

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  • MG15-3C-2700PF

    The APELC MG15-3C-2700PF is a compact 15-stage generator that was designed to drive low impedance resonant transmission lines for high power RF. This generator is characterized by a 3 – 5 ns risetime and multi-GW peak power levels due to its low-impedance design.

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  • MG40-3C-2700PF

    The APELC MG40-3C-2700PF is a mega-volt class Marx generator that was originally designed to drive an integrated flash x-ray diode. This generator has a maximum pulse energy of 260 J and is capable of delivering more than 10 GW of peak power.

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  • MG20-22C-2000PF

    The APELC MG20-22C-2000PF is a megavolt-class Marx generator specifically designed to drive low-impedance HPM applications. The MG20-22C will deliver a 500-kV, 1.1-kJ pulse into an 18-ohm matched load with a peak power of more than 12 GW. 

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  • MG20-1C-100NF

    The APELC MG20-1C-100NF was designed to be incorporated into the world’s first fully-portable High Power Microwave source developed with Texas Tech University. This generator can deliver a 200-kV pulse to a matched 20-ohm load for a peak power of 2 GW. 

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  • MG30-3C-100NF

    The MG30-3C-100nF stores a maximum of 1.8 kJ and can deliver 300 kV to a matched load. This Marx generator was designed to be low-impedance and axially-compact in order to drive HPM antennas on remote platforms.

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  • MG30-1C-100NF

    The MG30-1C-100NF coaxial Marx generator is a 30-stage Marx generator with 100-nF of capacitance per stage.

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