• apelc-marx-generators
    Marx Generators

    APELC has been the leading name in compact Marx generators since 1998. We focus on high-power and high-voltage pulse generators in low inductance configurations for fast risetime applications. We offer Marx generators with erected voltages over 1 Megavolt, energy storage from millijoules up to kilojoules and risetimes as low as 200 picoseconds. We can also custom build a Marx generator for your application.

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  • apelc-rackmount-marx-system-components
    Marx System Components

    APELC offers rackmount high-voltage power supplies and trigger-pulse generators to support out Marx generators and pulsed-RF systems. We also build high-voltage quick-disconnect coaxial fittings for high voltage connections. In addition, we also build and distribute custom high-speed diagnostics for a variety of pulse measurement applications.

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