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EMP Suitcase Compact 2100 Series P/N EMPSS-MG10-1C-D
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EMP Suitcase Compact 2100 Series P/N EMPSS-MG10-1C-D

APELC proudly introduces a new compact directed energy solution. Our EMP Suitcase is extremely portable, easy to operate, and suited for rugged environments. More importantly it generates extremely high-amplitude electric fields with frequency content in bands suitable for affecting electronic systems and testing system vulnerabilities. The design of the APELC EMP suitcase was driven by feedback from DoD Groups that required a powerful, reliable and compact EMP source capable of disabling or defeating electronics.

Operation is as simple as throwing the on switch and pressing the trigger. A fiber-optic remote control allows the operator to control the trigger, the pulse repetition frequency (PRF), and mode of operation from a stand-off distance. The system can run at maximum PRF for 2-hours on an internal, rechargeable battery pack.

The handheld remote control is connected to the suitcase via fiber-optic link. From the remote, the operator can choose either single shot or automatic modes of operation. In the auto mode, the operator initiates a pulse train by pressing the trigger. The operator can then adjust the pulse repetition frequency and cancel the pulse train by pressing the reset button.

Do not operate near computer-controlled machinery or unshielded electronic equipment unless you intend on causing irreversible damage. After switching the high voltage switch to on, the system is fixed in a high-voltage state. Safe operating principles should be followed when any user is in proximity of the system and the high voltage switch is on.